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Our Mission

Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education strives to uphold the highest standards of dance teacher training and be a National representative of the thousands of dance educators across Canada. We are committed to providing professional programs of excellent quality, in an environment within which dance educators realize the fullest extent of their talents.  We are a company that fosters excellence in scholarship through its people, partnerships and services, while aspiring to become recognized for our promotion of professional training and lifelong learning for dance educators.

This mission is accompanied by a commitment to make education accessible through workshops, education programs, virtual environments and other outreach efforts.

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Life Long Learning
21st Century Dance Education

Online Dance Teacher Certifcations

Within a 21-century learning environment teachers will develop their own voice and philosophy as a dance teacher while learning how to apply the latest research, strategies and tools in their dance classes.

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Nurturing a character building approach to teaching in the classroom and studio environment, while encouraging the mastering of essential techniques and skills.

Inspiring and encouraging students to engage in meaningful discussion and practice surrounding dance education in an environment where they can thrive.

Innovating new approaches to teaching that enable our graduates to expand the boundaries of dance education through a 21st century lens.  

Life Long Learning

Inspiring students, staff and alumni and others through our commitment to providing and challenging and supportive place for dance educators, encouraging a culture of lifelong learners and individual excellence at all levels.


Our graduates inspire learning, spark creativity and build community. CNADE values its graduates as life-long members of CNADE who make significant contributions to its on-going life and reputation.


Collaborating with other university, industry, professional and partners where appropriate.


Maintaining a capacity to respond to new fields as they emerge.



Promote the CNADE certification as a viable and attractive option for dance educators, while increasing our ability to attract students whose abilities and aspirations match the programs available.