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Comfortable, welcoming & judgement free classes for adult dancers of all ages, levels & abilities.




Celebrating 3 YEARS of providing professional quality adult dance instruction. Join a welcoming community of fellow like minded adults who have found the joy in and benefits of dance!


ADULT CLASSES IN AN ADULT ENVIRONMENT: At CNADE we specialize in Adult Dance. Our programs have been specially designed to attract, nurture, motivate and inspire the adult dancer and student.

OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE EXPERTS IN TEACHING ADULTS: At a dance studio that specializes in dance instruction for children, you will likely find instructors who are trained to teach children. Our experience, training and education provides you with the highest quality of dance instruction specializing in dance for adults. 

THIS IS WHAT WE DO: Training and teaching Adults is our speciality. From our Dance Teacher Training Program to our Adult Dance Classes and more, our programming specializes in serving the Adult Dance community. 

YOU ARE NOT AN AFTER THOUGHT: Sometimes adult dance classes are added to a studio schedule later in the evening to fill a void. At CNADE you are not an afterthought, you are our buisness, and everything we do, is for you the Adult Dancer, from training, to tools, to space, to instruction. 



The foundation for all other forms of Dance, Ballet combines strength and grace to demonstrate exceptional athleticism with the appearance of effortlessness.  The elements of strength, balance and grace combined, make this a dance form that provides a total body and mind experience. First time participants can wear half-socks or bare feet, but we highly recommend that participants wear ballet shoes for any classes that follow. Ballet shoes can be purchased at our online shop store.cnadedu.com. A variety of levels available.


A perfect compliment to Ballet that stylizes the technique and strength developed in Ballet.  This dance form is often performed to contemporary music.  Experience the joy of bringing the music to life with the body. Participants can dance in bare feet, or wear specially designed shoes for jazz available for purchase at our online shop store.cnadedu.com. 

Seasoned in Slippers

This Ballet class is for dancers ages 55 and up. We begin the class with a gentle warm-up, followed by barre and centre practice. Class ends with a cool down and stretch to ease your muscles and joints into the transition of your day. Ballet shoes are highly recommended and can be purchased at our online shop store.cnadedu.com

Latin Dance Fit

Latin Dance is an umbrella term for a variety of dance with Latin origin some of which include salsa, mambo, merengue, rumba, bachata, bomba and tango.  Our Latin Dance Fit class combines elements from all of the popular Latin styles with an element of cardio, for a fun and high-energy workout. This class is suitable for all levels. 

Stretching (If you love YOGA you'll love this more!)

An essential part of any pre- or post-workout. The entire 30 minutes is dedicated to stretching and relaxation. You will be lead through some familiar stretches and some new stretches that dancers use in their training. A must take class for all of our dancers! For this class we highly recommend that participants to have a RESISTANCE BAND & YOGA MAT which can be purchased at our online shop store.cnadedu.com This class is suitable for all levels. 

Dance Mindfulness

Are you a busy entrepreneur, parent, employee that is constantly rushing around, taking little time to breath let alone eat and sleep?  Do you feel the negative effects of this lifestyle in your mental and physical wellness?  Do you or have you ever suffered from stress and mental challenges? Do you find the breath and concentration on the mind/body connection in Yoga beneficial to your overall Mental and Physical wellness, then our Dance Mindfulness class is for you.  This class uses the creative/choreographic process as the foundation of its methodology.  We take you on an artistic journey where you will learn how the relaxation of the mind can promote creativity and self expression without saying a word.  The freedom of the body and mind during this class, promotes and healthy and more positive mind body connection often absent in our daily practice. Dress comfortably. This class is suitable for all levels. 

Urban Jazz

This class merges the technicality of jazz with the style and music of contemporary Hip Hop music.


Barre fitness is a fun and high energy workout that is low-impact and gentle on your joints. In Barre we use strengthening and stretching techniques adopted from Ballet, combined with the mindfulness and meditative practice of Yoga in order to create long, lean muscles while improving strength and flexibility. Participants can wear half socks or bare feet for the class however BALLET SHOES are highly recommended. Ballet shoes can be purchased at our online shop store.cnadedu.com. This class is suitable for all levels.

Broadway Jazz

This style of Jazz evolved on Broadway. This movements in this class are simple and basic. A perfect introduction into this form of Theatre Jazz.

Country Line Dancing

A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows, all facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time. In our Line Dance class we listen to good ol’ Country Music, a combination of hits from the past and present.  The pace is slow as we break down each step and sequence and transitions from slow-moderate as we progress through the year. Whether your new to line dance or seasoned, you’ll have a blast! This class is suitable for all levels. 

Floor Barre

Floor Barre uses the force of gravity on our bodies in a horizontal position to strength, stretch and tone the body.  Floor barre combines elements from Pilates, Yoga & Dance to give you a total body workout without the high intensity and impact of other group fitness classes. Although a Yoga Mat is not typically used in this class participants can choose to bring their own mat or purchase/rent one at the studio. For this class we highly recommends a RESISTANCE BAND which is also available for purchase at our online shop store.cnadedu.com 

Contemporary Modern

Originally a combination of classical, modern, and jazz, this style truly incorporates elements from many styles.

Posture Lab

There’s one thing dancers have…and that’s great posture!  Some cases of lower back and neck pain are due to poor posture. Our understanding of the human body and how it reacts during loco-motor and non-locomotor movements is unique in that most of us have trained as dancers since the age of 3.  This gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the human body unlike any other profession. Our 1/2 hour posture lab class not only includes an analysis of posture related issues/concerns, but will walk you through a series of exercises to help you maintain better alignment and increase range of motion.


A spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. This class requires a YOGA MAT and a YOGA STRAP which can both be purchased at our online shop store.cnadedu.com

Dance ST2 (Stretch, Tone, Technique)

Looking for a Dance fitness class or looking to improve your technique, tone your muscles and increase your range of motion, then this Dance fitness class is for you.  Most of the class takes place on the floor, allowing you to focus on specific muscle groups with low impact exercises designed to engage new muscle groups not often the focus of most exercise programs. A YOGA MAT & RESISTANCE BAND is highly recommended for this class. Both can be purchased at our online shop store.cnadedu.com. This class is suitable for all levels.

Bad Bodacious Jazz

This class is for the bold, the brave and the bodacious or those looking to be. 🙂 This is an INT/ADV class.

Contemporary Lyrical

Lyrical dance is a style of dance created by merging ballet, jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song.  Because lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, the style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness than the precision of the dancer’s movements. The emergent lyrical style has a relatively recent history and a genesis based on the coming together of ballet with rock/folk/pop/alternative music and a variety of jazz dance styles and modern dance.

Stretch & Tech

This class begins with 30 intensive INT warm-up followed by a 30 min of choreo.



Curious? Have always wanted to try it? Never done it before? Nervous about your little to no experience? This class is for you!


No experience at all, or you danced for a couple years a long time ago, or maybe just feeling a little rusty…this class is most suited for you.


If you grew up dancing at a dance studio most of your life, and/or you have been taking some Intermediate level classes regularly as an adult, this class is most suited for you. Dancers who have taken our Beginner class for at least 3 years and/or are looking for a more challenging class are welcome.


If you grew up dancing at a dance studio and continued your dance training at a post-secondary level at an institution (York, NBS, George Brown etc.) or in a professional dance company, this class is for you. Dancers who have taken our Intermediate class for at least 3 years and/or are looking for a more challenging class are welcome.

You've got questions?

We've got answers!
But, I've never danced before?

Not to worry, about 50% of our dancers have had little to no dance training. We offer classes for all abilities and levels BEG-ADV.

What do I wear?

Most participants wear fitted “yoga type wear.” In Advanced Ballet classes you tend to find more “balletic type wear” bodysuits, tights etc. Most classes require SPECIAL SHOES which can be purchased at our online shop. store.cnadedu.com


Yes our “New Client Special” is available for purchase for NEW CLIENTS ONLY. You pay only $20 for 30 days “online pre-recorded” classes. No commitment required. This offer is only available on occasion, so we recommend that you take advantage of this offer while it is available.

I'm nervous to try...

Don’t be nervous…we offer a welcoming, judgement free environment for Adult dancers of all ages, abilities and levels. We promise to make your experience with us a comfortable one.

Do I need special equipment?

No. We do recommend that you have at least 5-6 feet of space around you that extends beyond your arm span to move freely. We also recommend a yoga mat for stretch classes, but not required. If you do not have a ballet barre, a sturdy chair, counter, table or wall will do just fine. We can also recommend places to purchase any of the equipment above. Check the class description for all other suggested tools and equipment.

Still have questions?

Email us admin@danceeducationcanada.com



48 HOUR CUT OFF: Classes will NOT show up on scheduling site less than 48 hrs prior to the start of class. You may still be able to register for the class by emailing us directly. All class participants MUST register in advance prior to attending class to ensure they have reserved a spot and to ensure that the class is still running. 


TOOLS: Please review tools for technique that we have added to the description of each class. These tools have been added to make your training experience with us even better! All tools are available for purchase at our online shop. store.cnadedu.com

REFUNDS: Once you have registered for a class there are no cancellations/refunds/credits less than 48 hrs prior to the start of your class and/or your package. 




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