Book Club

Are you a lifelong learner? Are you a dance educator, scholar, researcher or studio owner? Are you just a lover of all things dance? Then this club is for you? No need to be an expert, a teacher or academic, if you love dance… then we want you!

Join a community of passionate life long learners in dance education. Join Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s book club today!

We read 3 books per year!

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Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education is proud to present…

What is the CNADE Book Club?
The CNADE Book Club was born out of a desire to connect with like-minded people on a regular basis. After our conferences, workshops and events, after our graduates have completed our program, I often find myself not wanting these connections to pass and the conversation to cease. 

Why should I join?
An ONLINE BOOK CLUB is a way for you to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for dance. We will meet 3 times a year, which gives you 4 months to read the selection. You will become a part of a community of lifelong learners. 

What if I cannot make the scheduled book club meeting?
We will send out a survey before scheduling our first meeting to get an idea of everyone’s preference. If you are not able to make the meeting (we will be sad if you don’t), we will likely create a Private Facebook Group for members that can share posts and have discussion about the books contents and themes. 

What types of books will we read?
Align with the mission and values of CNADE, all books will be dance focused (of course), but will challenge our thinking, move our learning forward or be written by scholar, researcher or accomplished dance artist. 

Who is the book club for?
Anyone age 19+ who is interested in immersing themselves in Dance Literature. 

Is there a cost to join?
No cost…simply the purchase of the book.

What will the first book be?
We have decided that the first book in the series will be Carrie Noland’s “Merce Cunningham”. 

“One of the most influential choreographers of the twentieth century, Merce Cunningham is known for introducing chance to dance. Far too often, however, accounts of Cunningham’s work have neglected its full scope, focusing on his collaborations with the visionary composer John Cage or insisting that randomness was the singular goal of his choreography. In this book, the first dedicated to the complete arc of Cunningham’s career, Carrie Noland brings new insight to this transformative artist’s philosophy and work, providing a fresh perspective on his artistic process while exploring aspects of his choreographic practice never studied before.

Examining a rich and previously unseen archive that includes photographs, film footage, and unpublished writing by Cunningham, Noland counters prior understandings of Cunningham’s influential embrace of the unintended, demonstrating that Cunningham in fact set limits on the role chance played in his dances. Drawing on Cunningham’s written and performed work, Noland reveals that Cunningham introduced variables before the chance procedure was applied and later shaped and modified the chance results. Chapters explore his relation not only to Cage, but also Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg, James Joyce, and Bill T. Jones. Ultimately, Noland shows that Cunningham approached movement as more than “movement in itself,” and that his work enacted archetypal human dramas. This remarkable book will forever change our appreciation of the choreographer’s work and legacy.” (GOOD READS 2020)

Merce Cunningham – After the Arbitrary: Carrie Noland

Book #1 – Summer 2020

The Ballet Class: Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

BOOK #2 – WINTER 2020 —— Join now!