CNADE’s Ambassador Program

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What is a CNADE Brand Ambassador?

A person who represents CNADE to increase awareness, create a specific image, promote learning and product opportunities and builds customer preference is a brand ambassador.

CNADE Brand ambassadors embody what we are all about. They create awareness, attention and leads. CNADE ambassadors create attention and attract traffic to the brand through social media posts, networking and relationships. Celebrities, athletes and highly credible spokespersons are often selected to represent our events, opportunities, products and experiences.

What we look for in our Ambassadors?

– Knowledge of Market (in this case Dance and Dance Education)
– Support through Online Presence
– High level of Professionalism
– Natural Leadership Skills
– Passion for Building and Growing Relationships
– Provide Innovative Insight

Recognition, Rewards and Incentives

• free stickers, cards and magnets for giveaways once you sign on
• conference and product discounts for you, your friends, family and followers through “Friends of Ambassadors” program
• your photo and bio posted on our website
• occasional incentive rewards
• a part of an elite group of global dance scholars and educators that represent quality dance education

Does that sound like you?

Email the following info to us: info (@) cnadedu (dot) com

  • Cover Letter telling us why you would make an awesome CNADE Brand Ambassador
  • Resume listing your professional experience, education and training in the world of Dance

Meet some of our Ambassadors - Coming Soon!