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Part 2 of this course focuses on some classroom management techniques that you can use in your dance class to help your students stay focused, keep your classroom organized and keep expectations consistent.  By the end of this course you will have a few classroom management strategies in your pocket that you can use and be on your way to a well-managed studio and dance class.  Part 2 focuses on strategies you can use with the 7-11 age group.  However this doesn’t mean that these strategies can’t be modified for students ages 3-6 or 12-18.

This professional development course is 100% online and can be completed at the students own pace within 6 months of the purchase date. Once student has registered and paid for the course, they are free to start and complete the course at their own pace. Average completion time about 2-3 hours per course. A passing grade of 75% or higher is determined by a mini-quiz, completed online, at the end of the course. Student is given 2 additional opportunities after the first attempt at the quiz to attain a passing grade. A printable certificate of completion is presented upon successful completion of course requirements with a passing grade of 75% or higher.


Section 1Introduction
Section 2What is Classroom Management?
Section 33, 2, 1 - Description
Section 43, 2, 1 - Benefits
Section 53, 2, 1 - How to Teach
Section 6Still & Silent - Description
Section 7Still & Silent - Benefits
Section 8Still & Silent - How to Teach
Section 9Ready... And...
Section 10Ready... And... Benefits
Section 11Ready... And... - How to Teach
Section 12Closing Remarks
Final Quiz