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Part 3 of Classroom Management for Dance focuses on the teen dancer.  It piggy backs on some of the ideas from Classroom Management Part 1 and 2, but will focus more in depth on the ideas of classroom atmosphere and environment. In Classroom Management Part 3 you will learn about the teenage dancer and the importance of creating a safe space in which they can explore movement.

This professional development course is 100% online and can be completed at the students own pace within 6 months of the purchase date. Once student has registered and paid for the course, they are free to start and complete the course at their own pace. Average completion time about 2-3 hours per course. A passing grade of 75% or higher is determined by a mini-quiz, completed online, at the end of the course. Student is given 2 additional opportunities after the first attempt at the quiz to attain a passing grade. A printable certificate of completion is presented upon successful completion of course requirements with a passing grade of 75% or higher.

Section 1Course Overview
Section 2Introduction
Section 3Entering the Creative Space - Preface
Section 4Entering the Creative Space - Benefits
Section 5Entering the Creative Space - How to Teach
Section 6Praise, Praise, Praise - Preface
Section 7Praise, Praise, Praise - How to Teach
Section 8Praise, Praise, Praise - The Teen
Section 9Practice, Repetition & Consistency - Practice
Section 10Practice, Repetition & Consistency - Repetition
Section 11Practice, Repetition & Consistency - Consistency
Section 12Closing Remarks
Final Quiz