Dance in Education Workshop


  • 1 x 2 HR workshop with Founder/Director of DEC with an MA in Dance and 14+ years elementary teaching experience
  • 2 x digital curriculum-aligned dance resources available for PRI, JR & INT Students
  • insight into tools, tips and tricks to inspire and engage students


$50 - 1 workshop participant + 2 digital resources

$80 - 2 workshop participants + 2 copies of the 2 digital resources OFFER EXPIRES MAR 15

$100 - 3 workshop participants + 3 copies of the 2 digital resources OFFER EXPIRES MAR 5

$112 - 4 workshop participants + 4 copies of the 2 digital resources TIMES UP! YOU MISSED OUT!


"To be honest, I have always dreaded teaching dance because I do not come from a dance background. Before this workshop, I felt incompetent in my abilities to properly teach dance, but I am VERY excited to see and use the resources that are being provided to us. I think that they will be extremely helpful to someone like myself, who has a very basic understanding of what the art of dance is comprised of. Thank you very much for your insight!" L.S.

"I was not looking forward to teaching dance and some of the reluctance and shyness on the part of students that is challenging to overcome. The workshop and presentation shared methods that reach students at all levels and I am excited to try these teaching ideas and give students a new experience of dance class." N.L.

"This workshop was incredible! I learned about effective ways to teach dance in the a way that promotes creativity. As a teacher at an International Baccalaureate Candidate School, this fits right into our teaching model. I also was given ideas of how to lead dance classes virtually and in the school. So I left lessons that I can teach all year and build upon as well as the knowledge of proper dance assessments. I would 100 percent take another workshop." KT