Dance Studio Certification

Parents these days are looking for not only Dance Teacher accreditation, but studio accreditation as well.


Get your studio certified by Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education.
Our team of Dance/Business/Children’s Programming/Health & Safety Experts will assess your application and studio environment.
Get the seal of professionalism that every parent is looking for!
Certifications are good for 2 years!
We are so glad you are here, because it means that you are as passionate, about providing your dancers and families with a quality dance education, as we are. It is evident by your visiting this site that you care about providing your dancers and families with quality programming, qualified teachers and a facility that will help them grow as dancers. 
We want to prove to your dancers, families and prospective clients that you are a studio that is at the top of its game in your community. We want to make you stand out from the rest and mark your excellence with our name. 
At Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education, we are passionate about dance education in Canada. 
We have developed an assessment by Canadians for Canadians which analyses over 10 different aspects of your studio that we have determined set studios a part from one another. 
The goal of the studio certification is to encourage lifelong learning, professional development and current [practices in dance education amongst studio owners and their staff. 
These aspects give us the entire picture of your studio from literally the ground up.
If your studio is granted certification, you would fall into one of the 4 levels of certification: PASS, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD.
#1) Your certification process starts with an application. Your application is only considered complete once we have received all of the required documentation as is listed on the application.
#2) Once your application is complete. We will review then application.
#3) We will then schedule a tour of your facility. 
Our support doesn’t stop once certification is granted. Throughout the course of your certification we are happy to provide you with guidance, assistance and support in all aspects of running your business. 
For more information and to apply to have your studio certified email info (@) cnadedu (dot) com