Dance Studio Owner Certification

Deadline to Apply for Summer 2021 Start - June 1, 2021

You are not alone, join Studio Owners across Canada as they grow and master their skill set.

The CNADE Dance Studio Owners Certification (DSOC) has been designed to attract and accommodate a wide variety of students (23+) by offering the following advantages:

  • an affordable alternative or compliment to college/university programs
  • graduation after 7 days (approximately 39 hrs) of study
  • a focus on a subject specific area of study, rather than a general Arts degree/diploma
  • professional training with experts, at Canada’s only institution dedicated to the professional development and training of dance educators


What you get by choosing us for your Dance teacher Training Certification…

  • Instructor Support 7 Days a week!
  • Easy to use Online Classroom
  • A certificate in a dossier is mailed out to you upon success completion of each course.
  • A daily 1 HR Online Lab Face to Face with your Instructor
  • Personal ongoing feedback and discussion throughout the entire course.
  • Professional discussion & dialogue /w other Dance Studio Owners or those aspiring to be from all over the world. 
  • Useful textbooks, resources, activities and lesson plans that you will have with you for the duration of your career.


We are proud of what our Graduates accomplish! Read more about our curriculum below.

  • Business Planning and Finances
    • CNADE DSOC students learn about business processes as they relate to studio finances and business planning. Students also gain insight into accessing local community, provincial and national resources to support their operation.
  • Marketing, Technology and Media Presence
    • Our students develop skills to not only promote their online presence professionally, but acquire clients while doing so. They also gain insight into the programs and services that can help them with day to day social tasks.
  • Leadership
    • Understanding that leadership is so much more than an administrative position is key. Studio Owners will develop values that are important to them as leaders and learn how this effects the quality of product their team delivers. 
  • Communication and Service
    • Students will learn how clearly and effectively communication in today’s media driven world. They will learn how implementing procedures to their communication strategies can help them run their business efficiently. 
  • Hiring
    • The Dance Teacher application process has in many cases become too informal. The formality associated with applying, interviewing and process is addressed. Students then develop an understanding of how revising and revamping their own processes contributes to the profession to be deemed as pa vocation.


Additional Fees: Textbooks and Resources Approx. $129


Be a part of our growing team of Alumni!

2020 SUMMER 7 DAYS INTENSIVE – JUNE 29 -JULY 5th, 2020. (Approx. 39 HRS)
$799 CAD 
Course Materials: $129 + tax 

This unique program has been designed for Dance Studio Owners or those aspiring to be. This 1 week is 100% online, and offered in the summer months only. This allows Studio Owners the freedom to maintain studio operations in full capacity throughout the dance season. For more information click here.