Online Dance Assistant Certification (15 -18 years)


Date: Sunday, January 17, 2021
Time: 12-2PM EDT
Topic: How to handle challenging behaviours
Ages: 15-18 yrs
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Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education is proud to offer dance assistants across Canada an opportunity to train with us via our Online Dance Assistant Course. Students may choose to complete the course at their own pace.

Why do we think Dance Assistant Training is so important? 

At Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education our mission is to promote a culture of lifelong learning and professional development for all dance educators. We believe that by starting off your dance career on the right foot, with an understanding of classroom management and child development, as it relates to the role of the Dance Assistant, will not only impress studio owners, but it will prepare the Dance Assistant for the events, situations and challenges that come with the role. Most dance studios will throw assistants into the role, with zero training and no understanding of their position, rights and expectations. Not preparing assistants with proper training, can create an uncomfortable and stressful experience for the assistant, one which might result in the assistant never wanting to return to dance as a dance educator, despite their love of dance and talent as an educator.

We believe in giving Dance Assistants the tools that they need to understand and be prepared for the role. Our training will make Dance Assistants more confident, better prepared and allow them to excel in their role in the dance class. These positive experiences as a Dance Educator will make these dancers more likely to pursue a career in Dance Education.

What is the average time it takes to complete this course?

Based on the criteria and expectations of the 3 assignments that are distributed to students, the average time for completion is approximately 10-12 hours.

What will I get out of the program?

  • Assistants will receive a certificate in a dossier mailed out to them upon successful completion of the culminating activity.
  • Instructor support 7 days a week.
  • Easy to follow assignments.
  • A toolbox of activities, skills and knowledge that will continue to be useful as they transition from dance assistant to dance educator.

Will the Dance Assistant course help me get into Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s Online Dance Teacher Training Program? 

Although we cannot make any guarantees with regards to the application and acceptance process for our Online Dance Teacher Training Program, any and all education as a Dance Assistant is will be recognized as an asset when applying to our post-secondary programming.  Candidates for the Online Dance Teacher Training Program are assessed on a variety of factors including education, experience and references.

Course Structure

Dance Assistants in Training will receive 3 Assignments that they will be required to complete on their own time. Each assignment should take anywhere from 3-4 hours to complete and is done 100% online. Each assignment has been specifically designed to prepare the Dance Assistant for their role in the Dance Class. The tools, skills, tricks and knowledge gained from our course work will not only support the Dance Assistant in their role, but will support them for the duration of their careers as Dance Educators.

Course Content

The 3 assignments have been designed specifically to support Dance Assistants in their role. The content covered in this program include: Classroom Management Techniques, Dance related activities that are appropriate to a child’s physical and cognitive stages of development and Maintaining Professionalism in the Role.

We are here serving the dance community across Canada!

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