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Online Dance Teacher Training

Application Deadline for MAR 1, 2020 start - FEB 1, 2020.


Meet 3 of our Part 3 Grads! Hear first hand about their experiences with the Online Dance Teacher Training Program.


Deadline to Apply for MAR 1, 2019 Start - FEB 1, 2019

Canada’s Premier Dance Teacher Training Program

Dance Teachers and those aspiring to be…become certified as a Level 1, 2 or 3 Dance Educator through Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s Online Dance Teacher Training Program (ODTTP).

Progressive Learning… Our program is unique in that it attracts all Dance Educators, Dance Students and those aspiring to be.  Our motto is “whole dance education.”  Our 21st century approach to education offers students an opportunity to explore their own interests, develop their inquiry skills and apply course content as is relevant to their own needs and experiences. We do not feed our students information, and expect it to be reiterated back to us. This is not how learning happens. We encourage our Teachers in Training to develop their own voice and become critical thinkers and problem solvers through our program.

What to expect… All prospective students must apply online, and be available to conference online once per week for 1 hour with other classmates and the course instructor. All 3 levels run each term, please see application deadlines and term dates below. Students interested in applying should be able to effectively manage their time, be lifelong learners and be able to self motivate. The course structure allows for some freedom in scheduling, content and material studied, thus prospective students should be interested in our inquiry based approach to learning, be open to developing their own questions and seeking answers to more their learning forward.

Our program attracts… We are not only training dancers and teachers, we encourage all of our graduates to seek out and explore the variety of career options available in the field of Dance. Choreographers, Company Directors, Studio Owners, Dance Critics and Competition Director alike are invited to apply. We also have had graduates that specialize in Ballroom Dance and Belly Dance, amongst the other studio driven styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and so on. We encourage dance teachers studying and teaching all genres of dance to apply! 

Levels of Training

Part 1 – 6 weeks $599 CAD (Approx. 30 hrs)

Courses: Classroom Management, Healthy Child Development, Lesson Planning

Course Materials: Approx. $78 + tax

Part 2 – 8 weeks $649 CAD (Approx. 36 hrs)

Courses: Syllabi Study, Progression, Dance History, Anatomy

Course Materials: Approx. $83 + tax

CNADE Virtuoso Certificate (Part 3) – 10 weeks $699 CAD (Approx. 39 hrs)

Courses: Composition, Psychology of Dance, Music, Imagery, Dance Conditioning, Pedagogy Log Book, Research Project, Final Paper

Course Materials: Approx. $97 + tax

Dance Studio Owner Certification - 7 Day Summer Intensive $799 CAD (Approx. 39 hrs)

Courses: Business Planning & Finances, Technology & Media Presence, Leadership, Communication, Hiring, Marketing, Customer Service

Course Materials: Approx. $129 + tax


Term 1 Start – Sept.1, 2019: 6 WEEKS x 5 hrs/wk ($599 + resources/tax)
Term 2 Start – Dec. 1, 2019: 8 WEEKS x 4.5 hrs/wk ($649 + resources/tax)
Term 3 Start – Mar 1, 2020: 10 WEEKS x 3.9 hrs/wk ($699 + resources/tax)


This program allows dance educators who have a packed teaching schedule throughout the year the opportunity to complete their certifications 100% ONLINE within 1-2 weeks. See schedule below for dates.


Part 1: DEC 30, ’19 – JAN 3, ’20 – 6 HRS/day ($649 + resources/tax)

Part 2: DEC 30, ’19 – JAN 5, ’20 – 5 HRS/day ($699 + resources/tax)


Part 1: JUNE 29, ’20 – JULY 3, ’20 – 6 HRS/day ($649 + resources/tax)

Part 2: JUNE 29, ’20 – JULY 5, ’20 – 5 HRS/day ($699 + resources/tax)

Part 3: JUNE 29, ’20 – JULY 10, ’20 – 3.9/ HRS/day – EXCL: JULY 4 + 5 ($799 + resources/tax)

The 3 parts of this program do not have to be completed back to back, they do not need to be completed in the same year and if you only want to complete PART 1, then that’s fine as well. 

JUNE 29 – JULY 5th, 2020. Approx. 39 hrs $799 CAD (+ approx. $129 + tax in course materials)

This unique program has been designed for Dance Studio Owners or those aspiring to be. This 1 week is 100% online, and offered in the summer months only. This allows Studio Owners the freedom to maintain studio operations in full capacity throughout the dance season.



We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and alumni.

A. G. - Chatham, Ontario

“Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s Online Dance Teacher Training Program (ODTTP) has allowed me to continue and develop my dance teacher education further while providing the flexibility I need. Being a Dance Educator requires more than just knowing how to dance and the program looks at these important aspects of dance instruction. It is very thorough in subject matter and provides challenge, opportunity and support in its’ coursework as well as peer and instructor contact. Jolanta is a passionate, knowledgeable, encouraging instructor who is very willing to share and guide students in each of their particular paths. As a result, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge, connections and resources that will follow me always.”

C. D. - Montreal, Quebec

“The online dance teacher training program allowed me to study something that I’m passionate about without having to change my current lifestyle. The program is extremely well developed providing an understanding of the basic elements of dance education and expanding from there. Great, informed dance teachers are formed through this program!”

T. K. - Chattanooga, Tennessee

“Within the first week of beginning the Online Dance Teacher Training Program I had implemented what we were studying into my own dance classes. The ODTTP is perfect for any dance educator who has a hectic life but also desires to stay relevant in dance education.”

J. W. - Kelvington, Saskatchewan

“It is so wonderful to have a program that offers online education. Completing the Summer Intensive of Part 1 of the Online Dance Teacher Training Program was a great experience. Quick, informative and fun!”

C.T. - Brampton, Ontario

“During my career in dance I have learnt that you can never stop learning. This program is fantastic for any dance educator who wants to stay relevant and learn new ideas, I had implemented new ideas into my classroom the first week. Jolanta’s passion for dance education is infectious! Her knowledge and encouraging words make you want to absorb everything she says. ODTTP is the best program that I have taken in a long time.”

M. D. - St. John, New Brunswick

“I’m an advocate for the inclusion of dance education in our school system. Its benefits are far reaching. I wish to be an ambassador for the importance of continued dance education for the dance teachers in my province so that more studios are committed to providing safe, and comfortable learning environments. It’s important for me to be connected and continue to stay fresh and current in my teaching practice. Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education supports all my initiatives. I am excited to meet other professionals aiming to do the same.
This course has exceeded my expectation. I am challenged, inspired and reminded daily of the value of continued education. I’m supported and encouraged by Jolanta and motivated by my peers. I’ve never done online education before. I’m surprised how close-knit it feels.”

C.S. - Stockholm, Sweden

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Online Dance Teacher Training Program. It is a rigorous program which is what I was looking for, yet the flexibility of the online format made it possible for me to fit it around my work and family schedule. The aspects of this program that I found the most rewarding were getting to learn from a professor who is very experienced and welcoming with her teaching style, getting access to reading material that is quite comprehensive, and most importantly of all for me, were the discussion sessions with the other students where we were able to share our experiences and ideas and to learn from each other.

C. D. - Niagara Falls, ON

“I am loving my time in the Online Teacher Training Program. As a dance educator for over fifteen years, it’s so nice to get some fresh ideas, and to go back to the basics and start new. Part One covers a broad range of topics dealing with classroom management and childhood development. All these things are great starting points for anyone whether they are a new educator, or a seasoned one. Thank you to Jolanta for providing the dance world with this opportunity for educators to learn and grow.”