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Online Dance Teacher Training

Application Deadline for FALL 2018 - August 15, 2018.

Deadline to Apply for FALL 2018 - August 15, 2018

Canada’s Premier Dance Teacher Training Program

Dance Teachers and those aspiring to be…can’t commit to our 1-year Professional Dance Teacher Certification Program (PDTCP)? Register for the next best thing! Become certified as a Level 1, 2 or 3 Dance Instructor through Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s Online Dance Teacher Training Program (ODTTP).

All prospective students must apply online and be available to conference once a week online for 1 hour with other classmates and the course instructor. All 3 levels run each term, please see application deadlines and Term dates below.

Our program is unique in that it attracts all Dance Educators, Dance Students and those aspiring to be.  Our motto is “whole dance education.”  We are not just training dancers or teachers, we encourage an exploration of the career options available in the Canadian Dance Scene. From Choreographer, to Company Director, to Studio Owner, to Dance Critic and Competition Director. Exam work is an asset, but not necessary to be selected for our program.  All genres of dance are encouraged to apply! 

Levels of Training

Level 1 – 6 weeks $249

Courses: Classroom Management, Healthy Child Development, Lesson Planning

Level 2 – 9 weeks $299

Courses: Syllabi Study, Progression, Dance History, Anatomy

Level 3 – 12 weeks $399

Courses: Business for Dancers, Technology & Dance, Pedagogy Log Book, Research Project, Final Paper

2018-2019 START DATES

Term 1 Start – Sept.11, 2018.
Term 2 Start – Dec. 1, 2018.
Term 3 Start – Mar 1, 2019.



This program does NOT have to be completed back to back. It doesn’t need to be completed in the same year. If you only want to complete PART 1, then that’s fine as well. 🙂


ODTTP Application


We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and alumni.

Galisa Devine - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Galisa is a hip hop dancer who has been dancing since the age of 7. She was an original member of Kidzact and part of the top performance team ProCrew. With ProCrew, Galisa has won many competition titles and performed at several events such as the Canada Games, Canada’s Got Talent, and The Rainmen half time show. She also had the honor of representing her home province in a national talent competition. Galisa began teaching and creating choreography at the age of 14. Her students and choreography has won many top awards. 

Audrey Grenier - Chatham, Ontario

“Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education’s Online Dance Teacher Training Program (ODTTP) has allowed me to continue and develop my dance teacher education further while providing the flexibility I need.  Being a Dance Educator requires more than just knowing how to dance and the program looks at these important aspects of dance instruction.  It is very thorough in subject matter and provides challenge, opportunity and support in its’ coursework as well as peer and instructor contact. Jolanta is a passionate, knowledgeable, encouraging instructor who is very willing to share and guide students in each of their particular paths. As a result, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge, connections and resources that will follow me always.” Audrey Grenier

Audrey has training under Royal Academy of Dance and British Association of Dance Teachers and has had a love of dance and the arts from a young age. Audrey has training in Ballet (RAD) and Tap (BATD) and also in Irish, Spanish, Middle Eastern and Ballroom Dance which she has studied with various and talented instructors over the years. Audrey also loves to teach and share all the benefits of dancing whenever the opportunity presents itself and especially loves teaching adults of all ages looking to explore, continue or re-ignite a passion. She continues her own passion and learning by studying/practicing independently and by attending and teaching classes and workshops whenever possible.

Catherine Duffy - Saskatchewan/New Brunswick/Quebec

“The online dance teacher training program allowed me to study something that I’m passionate about without having to change my current lifestyle. The program is extremely well developed providing an understanding of the basic elements of dance education and expanding from there. Great, informed dance teachers are formed through this program!” Catherine Duffy

Catherine Duffy discovered her love for dance at the age of five when she began taking lessons in Saskatchewan. She studied jazz and hip-hop for a while but began focusing on her favourite disciplines, ballet, pointe and tap, as she grew older. With her studio, Catherine traveled around western Canada to participate in many competitions. Catherine graduated in 2016 but has continued to take dance classes. Catherine is now working towards her bachelor of French education at University Laval in Quebec City. She was overjoyed to find the Online Dance Teacher Training Program so that she could study her true passion conveniently. Catherine continues to love dance and is determined to keep it a big part of her life and follow her dreams to pursue dance as a career.

Emily Muise - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia native Emily Muise discovered she has a passion for dance at ten years of age. Emily is a determined versatile dancer who has extensively trained with Kidzact Association directed by Deanna McCarron. Since showing a high interest in dance, she has competed in many competitions such as Danceabition, Millenium Dance Festival and Canadian Hip Hop Championships. She has won gold medals and special awards for self-choreographed routines and has teaching experience with dancers of all levels. She is now a graduate of George Brown College’s Commercial Dance Program. She has now returned to her hometown to take over the Co-Director position at Kidzact.

Tosha Kranz - Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

“Within the first week of beginning the Online Dance Teacher Training Program I had implemented what we were studying into my own dance classes.  The ODTTP is perfect for any dance educator who has a hectic life but also desires to stay relevant in dance education.” Tosha Kranz 

Tosha danced recreationally throughout her school years and college.  She started her teaching career in the classroom but when a move provided her the opportunity to teach dance full-time, she eagerly stepped into the world of dance education.  Tosha continues to teach dance full-time with her focus being on dance education for young children. Tosha is involved in local theatre and brings her love of performance to dance class. She attended the University of New Mexico and received a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. She lives in Chattanooga with her husband and two dogs.  

Jessica Welder - Kelvington, Saskatchewan

“It is so wonderful to have a program that offers online education. Completing the Summer Intensive of part 1 of the Online Dance Teacher Training Program was a great experience. Quick, informative and fun!”

Jessica has studied Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre and Song & Dance over the past 23 years. She is currently teaching dance in several rural communities around North Eastern Saskatchewan. Where she has been for the past 6 years. Jessica has recently completed Part 1 of the Online Dance Teacher Training Program through Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education. During the off season, she works as a heavy duty machine operator for a construction company in her hometown, does custom painting and has her own handmade jewelry business.