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Professional Dance Teacher Certification Program

Applications deadline extended to August 15th, 2018 for September start!



Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education offers a 1-year
Professional Dance Teacher Certification Program.  

The CNADE Professional Dance Teacher Certification Program (PDTCP) has been designed to attract and accomodate a wide variety of students (18+) by offering the following advantages:

  • an affordable alternative or compliment to college/university programs
  • graduation after 33 weeks (approximately 600 hours) of study
  • a focus on a subject specific area of study, rather than a general Arts degree/diploma
  • professional training with experts, at Canada’s only institution dedicated to the professional development and training of dance educators

Our beautiful Hamilton location is a full-service dance education institution.  Our sophisticated environment is only a part of what makes our professional dance school a leader in Canadian Dance Education. Amenities include:

  • Student Lounge
  • Hardwood Floor Studio Space
  • Reception
  • Classroom

NEW IN 2018! – Half Online & Half In-Class Option 

The CNADE Full-time Professional Dance Teacher Certification Program runs Monday-Thursday, 8:30AM-12:30PM from September through May, with a 3 week break in December and a 2 week break in March.

The Half Online & Half In-Class Option runs Monday-Tuesday, 9:00AM-12:00PM, /w 10 hours of online study per week.

We are proud of what our Graduates accomplish in 1-year! Read more about our curriculum below.

  • Syllabi Study
    • Through the study of various syllabi, graduates understand the differences in dance terminology amongst the syllabi and the stylistic characteristics that distinguish one from the other.
  • Healthy Child Development
    • Graduates of the CNADE PDTCP understand the various stages of child development. This understanding allows them to not only better understand their dancers, but also allows them to plan their lessons accordingly.
  • Dance Pedagogy
    • 21st Century classrooms are comprised of students who learn and develop an understanding of concepts in different ways, while all at different levels and stages of attaining this understanding. As educators we need a plethora of instructional strategies that we can use to accommodate these students learning needs, to allow each student to achieve at their highest potential.  This understanding of learning styles isn’t often discussed in the dance world. It is essential that todays dance educators are equipped with an understanding of Dance Pedagogy.  
  • Teaching through Technology
    • The variety of teaching tools and strategies that technology provides for us in todays world, are beyond the realm and scope of what we were learning and teaching in dance 10 years ago.  CNADE PDTCP graduates create and develop ways to engage their dancers in meaningful dance pedagogy, through the use of technology. 
  • Anatomy for Dancers
    • Understanding the dancers body, mind and spirit are essential in reaching your students fullest potential. Students of CNADE PDTCP graduate with an understanding of how the body moves, how the mind is connected to the body and how the Arts can provide a medium through which mental health can be understood and explored. 
  • Progression through Technique 
    • Technique is something that one can never perfect.  Our graduates have an understanding of the progression and development of technique, and are able to teach exercises, plan lessons and make corrections in an productive, creative and effective way. 
  • Business for Dancers
    • CNADE PDTCP graduates will understand the differences, benefits and protocols for operating as a Contract Teacher, Sole Proprietor or Incorporation in Canada. Our graduates also develop skills to promote their online presence professionally.
  • History of Dance
    • Knowing where we came from is important, so that we know where we are headed.  CNADE PDTCP graduates have an understanding of the history of dance as it relates to some of the influencers, styles and music that inspired these styles through time. 
  • The Dance Class
    • Our CNADE PDTCP graduates develop a variety of classroom management skills to help make their dance classes run efficiently and effectively.  They also understand how to develop daily lesson plans, as well as lesson plans for the term to help guide their instruction. 
  • Technique Classes
    • We believe Mastering your own practice is just as important as understanding it.  Our graduates understand the value/importance of being able to demonstrate this performing art for their students professionally, technically and purposefully.

We also offer…

  • optional exam work (additional costs apply)
  • Certifications that will make you an attractive and viable job candidate.
  • and more…

Tuition Fees: Contact us to find out more. info (at) cnadedu (dot) com

Additional Fees: Textbooks, Dance and Teaching Uniform

Scholarships: APPLY NOW!

All prospective students must complete and submit the following via email no later than AUGUST 15, 2018 to info (@) cnadedu (dot) com

  • fill out the online application PDTCP Application
  • send in a resume and cover letter
  • copy of most recent Report Card/Transcripts
  • provide 3 references
  • copies of most recent and successful exam certifications
  • PDTCP Scholarship App (optional)
  • be at least 18 years of age by Sept. 11th 2018 and hold a High School Diploma

If selected to audition students will participate in the following in person audition which includes.

  • a 1.5 hour dance class (ballet/contemporary)
  • a 1 hour theory class
  • an interview

Successful applicants will be notified by AUG 22, 2018 and will need to secure their spot in the program by SEPT 1, 2018 with a non-refundable deposit of $500 CAD which will be applied towards tuition fees.

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