The 2022 DEC Online Dance Educators’ Conference

Dance Education Canada presents...

The 2022 DEC Online Dance Educators' Conference

Celebrating "Men in Dance"

  • take a Luigi Class from a student of Luigi
  • learn about the dancers spine
  • explore safe creative spaces
  • hear from professional dancers
  • and more...


$60 - 1 Ticket

$70 - 2 Tickets - ONLY 15 OF THESE LEFT!

$90 - 3 Tickets - ONLY 10 OF THESE LEFT!

$100 - 4 Tickets - ONLY 5 OF THESE LEFT!

$110 - TIMES UP! 5 Tickets


"This conference was so well put together and engaging, which is difficult to do in a virtual environment.  The session leaders were so well informed and gave a real sense of belonging to everyone that participated!!  So appreciate the work the (DEC) is doing to connect dancers throughout Canada and around the world." T.B. 

"Aspiring, encouraging, and simply inspirational. Being grateful to be able to witness CNADE 2020 conference, it was experience I will never forget." P.B.