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Dance Studios

Private workshops, consulting, certifications & training for dance teachers, studio owners and dance assistants.

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School Boards

Workshops, Consulting and PD for school teachers, administrators and consultants.

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Dance Teachers - Studio/Institution

Kids are changing, our world is changing…thus so must the way we approach dance pedagogy.  Dance Teachers will learn important alignment and technique exercises, classroom management techniques and lesson planning.  Your Dance Teachers will walk away, refreshed, inspired and motivated to make their dance classes the best they can be.  

Studio Owners, Directors & Administrators

Owning a dance studio may be a dream come true, but behind the passion for Dance that we all share comes sometimes difficult decision making and problem solving. Whether you have questions about the business side of running a studio, or you have quesitons about the academic side, our workshops will push and challenge you to make the right decisions for the good of you, your staff and your students.  We can unlock secrets to runing a successful business and analyze budgets, marketing strategies and your retirement plan. We can also discuss leadership, curriculum, school policies and procedures, the things that set your studio apart from the rest. We will challenge you to move beyond the love of dance, and have those difficult conversations with yourself about the current state and future of your business.

Dance Assistant/Junior Teacher Workshops

These ½ day and full-day workshops are geared towards Dancers ages 15-18 who are assisting or want to assist classes at their dance studio.  Our workshops help assistants understand their roll in the Dance Class, while giving them the tools they need to be successful with this role of added responsibility. Each workshop covers classroom management techniques, corrections, professionalism and conduct.  

FREE* ONLINE Dance in Education Workshop for School Teachers

*with purchase of 1 x curriculum-aligned classroom dance curriculum resource

What do teachers get out of it?

– 1 x 2-hour workshop with the Founder/Director of Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education, former Elementary School Teacher with a Masters Degree in Dance, Graduate of 2 professional ballet teacher training programs in Canada and the US

– 1 x curriculum-aligned Dance Resource that they can use in their classrooms

– a series of activities and lessons they can use online with their students, including assessments and way to accommodate and modify lessons for the virtual learning environment

– a question and answer period, where teachers have the opportunity to ask us anything and everything about dance education in the classroom


What do students get out of it?

– a thorough understanding of the creative process

– an opportunity to apply their knowledge of the creative process to other subject areas and problems

– another medium through which they can express themselves and communicate ideas and stories

– opportunities for growth as contributing members of society through innovative, creative and critical thinking

– collaboration and self-expression through movement 


For School Teachers & Consultants

With our on-site and online workshops and consulting, we work together with you to meet the Professional Development needs of your teachers and consultants. We can customize workshops based division or grade while providing your teachers with tools, techniques, materials and lesson ideas. Your teachers will walk away with a better understanding of how Dance can be incorporated into their daily curriculum planning. They will better understand how to achieve curriculum expectations through engaging and inspiring dance activities with their students. 

Consulting for School Boards & Administrators

With our on-site and online consulting and advising, we work together with you to integrate dance as a subject into your curriculum.  We can present strategies for incorporating Dance Education into your curriculum at the provincial, board or school level.  We can advise based on division or grade while providing you with tools, techniques, materials and lesson ideas.  School boards will be able to move in the direction of integrating and implementing a provisional or board-wide Dance curriculum. 

Dance Curriculum Aligned Resources, Lessons, Manipulatives & Activities for Teachers


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